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finally an interesting article (translated with Google just for the foreigners who visit our site) , where the journalist Anthony Roberfroid begins to do a real research. The Belgian national press marks a point of honor by starting to ask what is happening to the right people. We are always waiting for the Minister of Health who decide on the issue which remains extremely serious.

The tattoo figures in our beloved little nation are sky high and more and more people are asking us questions which are for Minister Frank Vandenbroucke. We are waiting for him to tell us what to do because from 4 January we risk closing the doors, because the ban on 4,000 substances is enormous, no joking. Don't believe those who say that nothing changes, of course it does, look in the sites of Tattoo's Supplies and how many colors start to disappear ...

I can personally add that we ask publicly 1 -

a precise list of prohibited substances starting from January 4, 2022,

2 -

where these substances are present, we ask the name of the brands of the products.

The economic damage of this untimely choice is added to the weight of lockdown and pandemic.

For our work according to the law of 2005 is the minister of health and no one else the right gouvernement person who can help us. We hope for understanding of him and solicit his presence in an urgent way. We are in 2021 and we have a 2005 law, we are on the verge of closure and illegal tattoo artists are 4 or 5 times more than us. We thank all the institutions that will help me get out of this Kafkaesque labyrinth.

Thanks to all the chairmans of Council of European Tattoo Associations and www.savethepigments.org 🙏🙏🙏

Bruno Menei

Chairman ATB


Whether they are the result of a fad or a profound change in our society, tattoos are becoming more and more important among Belgians. In 2017, the Federal Public Health Service estimated that around 500,000 of them get tattoos each year. Still, the tattoo world could literally lose color in the next few years. European regulations notably provide for the prohibition of several substances composing tattoo inks in the years to come. From January 2022, several pigments currently used in yellow, orange and red inks will be banned. ►►► Read also: EU sets common rules for less harmful tattoo inks But for Davy D'Hollander, managing director of TekTik, the main supplier of tattoo materials and inks in Belgium, this ban could quickly be overcome: "Alternatives should quickly arrive on the market because there are other pigments that will give the same colors and which are not on the list of prohibited substances. But we fear that these new substances will also be prohibited in the future ". We are afraid that we will not find alternatives However, the banning of these pigments is not what the supplier apprehends the most: "Our main concern is that we will not be able to find alternatives for other colors which will also be prohibited." Blue and green could disappear from tattoos These other colors are blue and green. Among the 21 dyes that the European Commission wants to ban, phthalocyanine blue (Pigment Blue 15: 3) and phthalocyanine green (Pigment Green 7) are among the targets to be cut. As of January 2023, these pigments will be officially banned from the Union. T