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What ink buy in January 2022 - part 1- EN

Hi inked friends,

About the inks to be released in January in Europe and what we know actually.

We currently have info only from World Famous ink, I am ink and Panthera. Quantum remains shrouded in mystery, Eternal is working on it but nothing more is known and Inktenze remains without news. Check they're Instagram page and you will see all 👍📰

The dates, for now...

we have World Famous ink the first days of January, Panthera between 10 and 12, I am ink (second generation) which has already been sold for weeks but out of stock in a lot of supplies.

Quantum remains a mystery due to the labels glued on the package, are they compliant? For now, the ones we have consulted have not.

Be careful not to buy everything wherever any vendor says "REACH ok", vendor are not manufactured.

Check out the sites of the biggest suppliers and look at the sites of the ink manufacturers. It's a dangerous time, don't take big financial risks with ink brands that don't expose themselves in public saying they are legal reach.

Best regards

Bruno Menei

Chairman ATB

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Laurence Lencreuse
Laurence Lencreuse
20 de abr. de 2022

Hi Bruno Hope that you are fine not becomen crazy by khafkabegium... Personnally I'm completely LOST finally... i see stickers reach ok and not on brand who pretend to be...? Wtf in the end? I havecworked in laboratories yes yeeesss. Eh ehhhh interesting world trust me... titanium dioxide is forbidden in reach list (so included for lot of stuff) but we still swallow it in drugs, make up etc... government attitude is disgusting... we do not exist... so few and finally we will be all outlaw. In Japan ink is the chinese i k that you scratch against the stone ans you mix it with water... Good luck End of june I'm in buddhist retreat i need it. Love for all. Courage

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