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The Dante Alighieri's way

Dears members, we will reopen on 26 April 2021 for the umpteenth time.

Today the news came that throughout the Belgian nation there are 86 intensive care beds, so less than 1 for each hospital.

What a paradoxically critical situation to be forced to choose between economics and health. But is this a real choice or is it a false argument?

Given the state the health system was in before the pandemic, it would be lying to accuse those who govern now, because these problems have haunted us for decades. As in our tattoo and piercing sector where all control and planning have been lost for years. We are adrift, it is useless to deny it. Let's not get distracted by the false controversies and look at constructive things.

Once we understand this, we say that there are people who have truly chosen to fight, in all sectors of society. Only the hypocrites see in politicians only enemies, there are those who fight and he really tries to save what he can. It happens among professionals of all sectors to find those who really understand that the situation is serious, that it will last some time and that it's necessary to join ranks.

The nihilisates can keep quiet, the pandémia will serve them to cry even more while the non-action, instead of calming things, only generates more problems... Dante has a special place in hell for people with no flag, he call "ignavi" and wrote "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."

Social networks have created many new problems, among which the "shitstorm" literally avalanches of accusations or attacks without control. Currently, every news must be weighed carefully and you must not let your imagination wander. The web is not a court but rather a public opinion orientation machine towards scapegoats.

There is no possibility of controlling the power of the big companies that manage our communication and opinions. This is a problem that the US itself is taking to court, 52 states have filed an appeal against a well-known company for this reason. No one can be totally unscathed as soon as he steps out the door. True or false, in the world of social networking it's less important. A very disturbing rule that raises the question of freedom of expression piloted by artificial intelligences at the service of supranational interests. What are we free to do if algorithms orient what we need to know and what not? So precaution is a must.

Also in our tattoo industry we are experiencing this and increasingly serious problems. ( for more info ) We are currently trying to save two pigments that Europe banned in January 2021. These two pigments are the basis of 80% of the colors, so it means that without a united and supportive action, in 2023 we could no longer guarantee safety for our consumers and workers. Despite the efforts of all the European tattoo associations, two braves gentlemens who start and build all, and the largest signature petition in the history of the European community, the general public is in the dark, how is that possible? So what are social networks for, just to share violence, assaults and funny images? Are they just a "weapon of mass distraction"? Our hope is not in the censorship that we already have in abundance but in the clarity of those who have an interest in feeding our minds with garbage. Fast food ideas for jerk brains are very dangerous in a pandemic time.

So yes, finally, we'll reopen, one more time with all the good will, then close again, because it's a fucking pandemic not a walk in the park. Then... There will be other problems, because we have entered in periods where problems rain, and then we will fight again and again. Because life is not on mobile phones or social networks, life is out there and it takes courage to face things. My opinion is really simple, is follow the human reason, like the oldest thinkers learn to us. Think a lot about and act with bravery.

Best wishes

Bruno Menei

Chairman ATB

Consider your origin. You were not formed to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge.

Dante Alighieri


Post scriptum

I apologize for writing in English without the translation but I'm m not a native speaker of French and it lends itself to many misunderstandings and attacks on social networks, if you don't understand please use Google traduction. If we find time we will translate in French 👍

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