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Update 16 -1 -2021 Protocol and health situation

Hi inked colleagues,

Some considerations about the current situation.

Yesterday we met with the other contact Associations and the Head of the Corona Commission to evaluate and establish the guidelines of the Security Protocol of the contact trades. I remind you that our Association has been asking for it for 7 months, a real economic damage that they have listened only now, in any case, we are finally here, they have realized the void to fill.

For those who are convinced that our hygiene rules are sufficient, they are not scientifically sufficient, the fact that there are errors in the management of the spread of the virus (such as holidays, testing, etc.) does not mean that we are not at risk.

Yesterday the exchange was profitable, with real interlocutors, deadlines and a serious intention of making a protocol effective and this is a real first concrete thing.

Then, the meeting with Minister Clarinval took place in Brussels and not on video. We have talked about all the problems our sector, creating a dossier collected in recent months, where we have noted all the moons of the law of 2005, which in fact is absolutely outdated and no longer suitable for the profession.

The Minister has taken it upon himself to send our request to be heard to the Minister of Health, because he is in charge of our work category. And as you well know, relations with SPF Health are inexistent, they are still absent interlocutors. It's undeniable that there is a serious problem in Belgium between our profession and those who must protect and help it. They don't listen wallons tattooists, how and why, we do not know, we hope that they change this way of working because between us, who live on the ground and them, there is no communication, this is undeniable and serious.

However, let's focus on the positive things hoping that the question of the minister of the economy will be heard by the minister of health, which is different. Probalbly he has just "inherited" the problem of our profession which dates back to 15 years now, therefore well ahead of his coming.

If Minister Clarinval will send us some answers, we will give you immediately.

The situation is very difficult. The virus mutations spreads like wildfire ( some variation is at 1.7 it's 70% more contagious).


We are in contact with all the colleagues of the other Associations in Europe, this is a great, very positive news.

What is happening in Belgium is happening everywhere, we are all in trouble, all tattoo artists from all nations of Europe. If someone tells you the opposite is lying, I speak personally with fellow Presidents of other associations. Don't believe the newspapers or Facebook that say bullshit to make visits, I have the managers of our profession in real time. Even where the shops are open, they have lost between 50% and 80% of their work.

So here we have to think of short and long term solutions, which means that if we open 1 week and then close for another 3 months, this will be useless.

I invite all of you to participate in the Association work, putting aside preconceptions, the crisis we are experiencing is unprecedented, we need everyone's strength.

Be careful and stay away to places full of people.


Bruno Menei

chairman of "Tatouage Belgique " asbl

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