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Tatouage Belgique sur rtbf ce soir 18h30

Hi dears followers,

Today our Secretary and

Tonight our National Secretariat Gwenaelle Réaume is a guest in the national televisión RTBF "on n'es pas des pigeons" to talk about the problem of pigments and try to sensitize the government and citizens about the problem.

Thanks for your help and support us because it's very difficult to find the money, energy and time to follow and work for our national association totally for free and pay the management costs every month.

Remember to sign the petition (the must signed in the European union history wirh more than 70.000 subscribers) to save the ink colors in tattoo.

In our site, here, you can find a tutorial in French to help to sign the petition because it's on the UE official site and take some minutes.

If you want to known and perfectly understand what's going on follow our collègues Erich and Michael from Austria, the creators of the petition, they are available on the site 👍

Bruno Menei

Président ATB

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