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Response from Clarinval Minister to our email about the pigment's problem

Hi everyone, following the letter to the Government, we received a reply from Minister Clarinval that we thank you for his interest and professionalism. He tells us that they are aware of the problems due to the pandemic, the crisis, the pigments, but that actually everything depends on the choices of the health minister. The staff of Frank Vandenbroucke sent us an accused of receiving the email, we are waiting for a response from him and we hope that we can finally communicate with someone. The situation worsens more and more because the first real pigment bans start from January.a'd we are always under a very old law Imagine a 2006 law, how many things have changed since that time! It's urgent to update and regulate the new market system that becomes extremely wild, internet, social networks, Chinese shoddy material, illegal tattoo artists everywhere, etc.

Time passes and those who do not act, of course I talk according to the law, can only mourn the evil that he has accepted without implementing a way worthy of a democratic and civil society.

However, the government has been aware of the situation, our association invites colleagues to remain attentive because they will soon be called upon to act or defend their work, the reality is "inevitable". Defeatism is for social networks, here we are for concrete facts and to build a positive and safe future for the profession and our customers.

Best wishes to you inked friends

Bruno Menei

Chairman of ATB

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