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News about the ban on inks the 4 January 2022


I attended a long meeting with all my colleagues from other European also Irish tattoo's association.

Many things are happening and more will happen in the future.

We are preparing a check fact list in order to avoid the huge amount of absurd, inaccurate and conspiracy news circulating!

I can already affirm with evidence in hand that there is no precise culprit, it's useless to look for the bad guy, this absurd situation is the result of decisions that began way back in 2008. I have even heard accusations of suppliers, producers, tattooist, allnro find this bad guy... who only missing the aliens and will be complete.

The truth is that yes, the situation is serious, because as we have numerous times, the law will be applied, there is no doubt, but this is the situation does not have a single culprit and now it's time for solutions, we can't lost energy, because starting from January we have to throw our inks declared illegal in the trash!

The pétition is a fundamental tool to negotiate, treat, be listened to and try to have the time to save our work as tattoo artists. If we don't get involved, you can be surely, no one will do it for us, so sign the petition now!

Repetita juvant----The absolute reference site, the right one is which thanks to Éric Mähnert and Michael Dirks is allowing us to have hope, they have raised the alarm and the petition, they are the ones who help us, otherwise , neither the states, nor the politicians or the suppliers, or the producers.. would have warned or helped us, so know who to thank now, because it's a story where there are also heroes. I also want to thank Gordon of the Tattoo Panel and all the chairmans and members of the Council of European Tattoo Associations (CETA) for their availability, commitment and patience.

For those who have woken up now, yes there is a real and big problem, we have been saying it for a long time, no one believed it, now that there is and I know you see, our advice is to unite everyone in Europe and help savethepigments and CETA towards a real solution. Don't lost your energy to writing useless post on Facebook or Insta, please, share savethepigments news directly. Remember you are not the only one who have this problem, we are thousands of Tattooist and millions of customers.

--- Verified and correct information will follow.

---- The post is in English to be understandable even by Belgian German and Flemish colleagues.

Thanks for your time

Bruno Menei

Chairman ATB

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