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News about ink reach from Body supply Italy 22-12-21 - - - - EN

The best summary of the general ink situation made by this Italian distributor. Thank you for paying attention to what you buy 👍

What REACH 2022 says

The new REACH 2022 rules come into force in the EU / EEA countries starting from 4 January 2022.

The restriction introduces maximum concentration limits for individual substances or groups of substances used in tattoo inks or permanent make-up. Examples of chemicals are particular azo dyes, carcinogenic aromatic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), metals and methanol.

It will also be mandatory that the labels of mixtures intended for tattooing and permanent make-up show this intended use. The label must also include a list of ingredients and relevant safety declarations.

Pigment Blue 15: 3 and Pigment Green 7, for which the Commission and EU member states have agreed on a transition period of 24 months, will no longer be usable from 4 January 2023.

How to buy compliant pigments

On our site there is a dedicated category: Compliant colors for Europe

This category is populated exclusively by REACH 2022 compliant inks.

Tattoo inks that are not in this category can only be used in Europe until January 4th. Subsequently they will be compliant only and exclusively outside the European territory, where the legislation does not apply.

We have also taken steps to report on each of these their status of non-compliance in the description and in the name.

Frequent questions

Can I continue to use the colors that I purchased before the new REACH standard came into force? From January 4th, the colors will no longer comply with the law and therefore can no longer be used.

What colors can I use from 4 January 2022? We have created a specific category on the site (Compliant colors for Europe), where we will gradually insert the colors compliant with the new REACH standard. Unfortunately, to date, the offer is almost nil. The producers declare to deliver, gradually, colors in accordance with the law in the first months of 2022. At the bottom you will find all the information released by the producers.

Will the colors I have used so far be identical but compliant with the REACH standard? They will certainly be excellent products, and even safer than in the past. But the manufacturers will not reformulate the whole range. There is a tendency for only a part of the shades to be reformulated. Some colors, for the European market, may no longer exist.

If I can't use them, can I return the colors I bought recently? We will publish news shortly.

If I cannot use these colors and the new ones are not available, how can I work? We will be among the first in Europe to have REACH compliant colors as soon as they become available on the market. For now there is not much alternative, we have to be patient.

Eternal Ink

The manufacturer has announced that it will have 50 compliant shades by January 2022.

At the moment 6 colors are compliant but, in our opinion, the labels are not up to date and we have not yet received the supporting SDS.

KillerBlack Tattoo Ink

All products are already compliant with the new Reach.

Nocturnal Tattoo Ink

The manufacturer has announced that it will have all shades compliant during January 2022.

At the moment no color on the market is compliant.

Intenze Ink

The manufacturer did not provide any information.

At the moment no color on the market is compliant.