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News about ink interdiction in Belgium 24/11/2021 - Savethepigments talk with UE - ECHA & APA

Dear followers,

as I have always said, thanks to Erich and Micheal of Savethepigments who are speaking on behalf of tattoo artists and tattooed to save the situation which is absolutely absurd.

Two trains in a head-on collision, on one side Europe and in the other the ink manufacturers and of course... us in the middle. In practice, between the two giants, the damage will all be for us, if we fail to make it clear that blue and green must be saved and the ban on 4,000 substances postponed.

Everyone must be aware that the illegal tattoo artists, who are enormously more numerous than us (maybe we are 150 k and they 600 k or more) will directly benefit from this prohibition which prohibits the sale of inks without ensuring the European market a real presence of other legal inks!

If you want to real protect citizens, remember to consult real tattoo artists first, such as us, de CETA, Council of European Tattoo Associations. We know how to explain you how much this law are really putting public health at risk instead of saving it.

Being the chairman of the national association of tattoo and piercing when it is not yet a recognized profession, that it is practically forgotten by the institutions, that no one cares to control correctly all the illegals tattooists (who control health formation can't control fiscally or others irregularities), illegals who are increasing dramatically during a pandemic and the ban on inks will be the final kick for legals tattooists... all this makes my task very hard and no pleasant. We have communicated all the reflections and concerns of our colleagues in the government at every opportunity, we still await concrete continuous legality and safety project with an accredited interlocutor from belgian gouvernement.

If everything continues like now, January 4th 2021 will be one of the worst day in the history of tattooing in Europe and and also evidently in Belgium. Unfortunately anarchy will be totally normalized, we still don't know who will control and what they control (we ask officially the real complete list of the illegals substances and we still wait), and above all... We know that the illegals tattooists who escape the current capacities of a real plan for the repression of crimes will win another time, we see every day on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok that we are not protected. With denying this huge problem ( numbers of tattoos are enormous... more than 500,000 tattoos every year in Belgium and more than 80 million in Europe) and without collaboration and coordination for find a real solution together, all of us honest citizens and governments, will lose health, money and jobs.

Thank for savethepigments because they real work for help all of us. Thanks to who try to help us from the institutions, journalists, tattooists and citizens .

Bruno Menei

Chairman ATB


Message from savethepigments

Today, the Save the Pigments team, together with experts from the tattoo sector, industry and science, had the opportunity to explain their positions in an online meeting with the MEPs.Among others, representatives of the EU Commission, the ECHA and the APA were present online. Now we have to wait and see what reactions will follow 🤞🤞🤞 We will inform you as soon as possible about any new information. @savethepigments @the3pylons @tattoosbyerich @kathi_iamink @european_tattoo_panel @randyengelhard @viertelstunde_tattoo @restless_supply @worldfamousink @wirtschaftsbund_wien @wirtschaftsbund @intenzetattooink @fusion_ink @eternalink @julian.siebert @brandonbond11 @makaniterror @bundesverbandtattoo @dot_e.v @tattoodo @gordon_lickefett #savethepigments #tattoosbyerich #the3pylons #savethepigments #tattooink #tattoo #inked #ink #tattoos

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