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Last letter to the government about the pigment situation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are still looking for an interlocutor with your government, our Flemish counterparts having decided to put an end to their ASBL, all that remains is us to try to make things happen, yet the situation in our sector is still going to change. to get worse…

You are aware that from the month of January 2022, a series of pigments will no longer be authorized on the Belgian market and this is only the beginning of the application of a long series of prohibitions which will remove 80% of the color pigments and around 4000 other substances.

Our association supports the 1072/2020 petition campaign which with 54,000 signatures is the largest petition in the history of the European community.

Despite the fact that we sent it to the various Belgian parliamentarians, we still have no returns, as respectively Minister of Health and the Self-Employed, it is a situation that concerns you closely. We hope to get your help, in order to get in touch with the people concerned.

Already hit very hard by the health crisis, our sector, the tattoo will suffer another major crisis, one of the biggest problem is that the disappearance of its colors, will block tattooists who work legally, who will no longer be able to use these colors, but on the other hand the illegal tattooists, one of the biggest scourge of our sector, will continue to supply inks on Chinese sites without controls, and it is therefore still they who will continue, to take our work, as during the containments.

I remain at your disposal by phone at 0488 / 80.13.98 or 0494 / 49.69.79 to answer all your questions.

Pending a response from you, please accept, madam, sir my most distinguished greetings.

Yours truly.

Bruno Menei

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