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Interview to Dr. Med. Jorgen Serup by Tattoodo "EU banning tattoo"

A small part of very interesting interview 👍👍👍

“EU should have regulated tattoo inks under its own regulation”

EU will realistically not change the REACH regulation in any near future. However, it may well be that individual countries, due to the chaotic situation, will refrain from control or only control sporadically, whereby technically illegal tattooing becomes de facto accepted even in established studios working in full daylight. Different tricks can be played; but it will be felt painful for the industry to live a double life and swing between decent and illegal activity. Many feel a strong dedication to their job as artists and tattoo practitioners. The parliament of people including consumers can very easily come to feel non-obedience is justified to defend their fundamental right; their own skin belongs to themselves and not to EU! EU and national representatives who decided inks under REACH apparently were blind to the distance between regulation and reality in particularly the social non-acceptance of the REACH regulation. It is, obviously, a very sad and miserable situation that law and obedience have lost contact. With some 70 million Europeans tattooed and the ongoing tattoo trend, the will of people is powerful and controlling daily life.

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