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Ink and illegal Tattoo - SNAT gets to be heard by the President of the French republic... Wow👍

Congratulations to our French colleagues 👍

The French association of tattoo artists SNAT gets to be heard by the president of the French republic. Everyone in France has understood the complexity and risk associated with the problem of illegal inks and tattoo artists. Great progress in all the nations of Europe except Belgium, the only country in which despite the appeals of the national press, the crisis and the closures, the illegal ones absolutely out of control, the government does not dialogue.

Did the tattoo die in Belgium?

It's a legitimate question.

Perhaps it's necessary to block the hygiene training of tattoo artists, because every month new tattooist are legally authorized to perform a job but without telling them what will happen once they are abandoned in the out of control market.

The state gives a certificate of hygiene and then the illegals can safely exercise without it? How is possible?

Bruno Menei

Chairman ATB

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