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Happy 1st May to all tattooed people.

The future of work, of our artistic work is unknown, nobody knows what we are becoming but we begin to understand something.

Many changes, so really many changes, that many believe that a lot of Tattooists things nothing is happening. In every nation of Europe, the presidents of the national tattoo associations are aware of this situation. The governments that make up Europe have a certain difficulty to understanding the current development of the spread and culture of tattooing, because the democratization of our art is now a fact. Europeans are tattooed (more than 80 milions in 2018) and even those who are not, recognize the value of the Tattoo as an established art form. This discrepancy will be one of the factors that will crack the old thinking system that ghettoized the Tattoo and it generated the presence of bad moral and economic examples.

However things will go, no one can stop the truth that emerges over time. Happy 1st May to all tattooed people.

Bruno Menei

Chairman of ATB - Belgium

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