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Article de la Capitale sur l'ASBL Tatouage Belgique -- 18/11/2020

Today an important article in the national newspaper Sud Presse and the regional one "La Capitale".

Interview of the National Secretary Gwenaelle Reaume with the radio "Contact" and the daily news of "Quartz radio".

Advancement of the dossier à la SPF Public finances, still no news from the SPF Health or the Ministry of Health.

Numerous testimonies of solidarity come to ASBL for the attempt to solve the problems of the trade.

As we have been repeating for days, we are not asking for the reopening of activities, we are asking for a detention of those who illegally exercise our work, putting public health at risk and defrauding the state and stealing our jobs.

Last but not the least; We have been asking for a COVID-19 security protocol specific to work for six long months (such as France, Italy, etc.), we have also proposed one to facilitate the work of the state, it's 6 months that no one responds to an urgency, why ?

In 2017, the SPF Public Health in Belgium has calculated more than 500,000 tattoos, the issue is to be resolved before the reopening, like our counterparts in Europe which have a specific protocol from the month of June!

Thanks for your support and messages of solidarity, we need it.

Bruno Menei

President of ASBL Tatouage Belgique

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Super! Plus qu'espérer que on nous écoute enfin !

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